The Sparkling Details in the Simplest of Cleaning Tools

I love sharing information about the cleaning industry. Even more, I love talking about cleaning tools and products. In this love, my firm belief with Clean Club Calgary is that we must provide every member of our team the proper tools to succeed at our job. This is as important as the actual cleaning itself! This is the only way we can provide clients with a quality clean.  

This month, I wanted to share the ten tools that are our absolute essentials for ensuring our clients receive a clean that improves their quality of life in their home, office, or even post-construction project.




1. Glass Cloth

A multifunctional tool, we never go anywhere without it. A true lifesaver for cleaning all kinds of surfaces that always adds the extra oomph and sparkle to any clean. Extremely gentle on glass, it allows us to clean sensitive, commonly scratched surfaces without doing damage. It dries quickly, is reusable, easy to wash, and highly durable. We wouldn’t dream of cleaning without one to buff and shine all surfaces, including glass cook tops, mirrors, windows, and appliances.

Curious about this cloth for your own use? Click here to learn more.



2. Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning without a microfiber cloth is like putting on makeup without foundation or shaving without any shave gel. You can do it…but not very well. Using this material cloth is crucial for a great clean. Similar to the glass cloth with its lightweight and ability to gently clean all surfaces, there is one main difference between them. The microfiber cloth is meant to handle HEAVY DUTY cleaning. Our team uses these cloths to wash down bathtubs, sinks, and even floors. When done, we buff them up with the glass cloth.



3. Mop

There is no way we would ever start cleaning without a quality mop. Even more important is that it has to be a mop with Velcro on the bottom. This allows us to remove the original mop pad and replace it with a microfiber cloth on the bottom to act as the mop. Why do this?

First, the germs!

Spray mops and thick pads just push the dirt around, similar to traditional string mops. Using the microfiber cloth allows us to remove it, wash the cloth thoroughly, and then start using it again. Goodbye germs, hello super shine!

Second, water control

You have better control of the water and moisture level you’re putting on the floor. This allows for a clean that sustains your floors, rather than shortens their lifeline due to too much water.

Third, floors and walls

We don’t just mop floors. We dust and wash the walls clean. Particularly useful in post-renovation or commercial construction cleanings, the base mop tool (handle and Velcro bottom) allow for changing between dry cloths that allow for safe dusting and gentle microfiber cloths to wash the walls. The final result are streak-free walls, almost as if we’ve “painted” them clean.



4. Vacuum Cleaner

A central vacuum is the absolute best vacuum you could have. If serviced properly, the suction and deep clean is so much better than any big-name brand canister vacuum. However, it’s easy to forget to change the main canister, which impacts its cleaning ability. Simply put, this is a cleaning tool that is often not maintained as it should be. If you can’t remember the last time you checked the canister, perhaps have a look. Chances are, you’ll discover your central vac is a much better one than you thought.

Not sure where or how to have it serviced?  Connect with the folks at A Vacuum Store and Service. They are affordable, friendly, and know everything there is to know about vacuums!

All that said, we will always arrive with a quality vacuum as not every house has a vacuum of their own. We always tell our clients though that the vacuum goes from client house to client house. This gives our clients the option as to whether they want to invest in their own vacuum or use the vacuum we have.



5. Scraper

A small blade in a plastic holder: doesn’t seem like much, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as scraping off gunk without scratching the surface behind it. One of my favourite things to use the scraper for in residential cleaning is removing burnt food off cook tops and grime from porcelain.

 However, the scraper really shines when it comes to post-renovation and commercial cleans. It easily removes stickers off of mirrors/windows/appliances and strips paint splatters off floor tiles without scratching a single thing. Spic and span, but not scratched – just the way any renovation should end.



6. Squeegee

“Squeaky clean” is definitely a squeegee clean. Excellent for using on huge mirrors and windows, especially for those that dust bunnies are attracted to, the squeegee helps bring a streak free shine.

For homeowners with furry pets, the rubber part of the squeegee is to become your new best friend. If you find fur continually embedded in your couch or carpet, drag the rubber part over the surface to easily pull up and collect the fur.


7-5 colored-dish-brushes-lined-up.jpg

7. Dish brush

There’s nothing quite as effective for cleaning tiny, hard to get to places than a regular handheld dish brush. Not just for cleaning dishes, this brush easily scrubs those tiny dark areas a sponge or cloth can’t get to. Areas we most often use it include:

  •  Drains and their rims to get a little extra sparkle

  • Grout to make the light-coloured grout gleam and remove any dust bits off of dark grout

  • Vents and ceilings fans for removing built up dust and grime, and

  • Toilets for removing those accidental splatters around the flush knob.



8. Sponge

When grime and soap scum are all about and “scrub, scrub, scrub” is what we must do, there’s no better tool than a sponge. For us, the best is a flat, double sided sponge, with one side abrasive, the other not. The key to using it successfully is never starting with the abrasive side. It is quite rough and could potentially scratch a surface and this is not okay. Don’t worry, this wears out after a few rinses. From there, this tool is excellent on most surfaces!


9. Dish soap

Next to the glass cloth, dish soap is the cleaning tool we use most. Yes, regular dish soap gives the real clean feeling. Not fancy cleaning sprays, not the world’s best mop, not even the coolest foaming and scrubbing gel. Basic, pure dish soap is what leaves a true quality clean. From floors, walls, and every other surface, this is our go-to, indispensable cleaning product.



10. Essential Oils

New to Clean Club Calgary this year, we’ve started to enhance our client cleans through essential oils. A little touch of scented oil mixed with diluted dish soap in a spray bottle goes a long way for transforming a room from seeing it’s clean to experiencing the clean.

I am always amazed at how a little water, oil, and soap can transform the smell and add just a little something special. Plus, many oils have different cleaning properties, such as antibacterial or antimicrobial, allowing for a deep clean and not just a great smelling clean.

Personally, some of my go-to favourites are sage, lemon, lavender, and lemongrass.


This cleaning tool checklist ensures we are able to meet our end goal: to enhance the customer’s quality of life. Experience tells us that this comes from the small details, including showing up when we say we will, with the right supplies, and the right attitude. We are proud of what we do, and these tools allow us to support clients by giving them the time and freedom they deserve.

Do you have a favourite cleaning tool you’d like to share? Curious about how our cleaning team can support you? Give us a call today and let’s have a chat!