We clean so that you don’t have to

Professional cleaning by the team at Clean Club Calgary helps free up your time to spend with family and friends. Or give you much needed quiet time.

Cleaning can be time-consuming. Who loves dragging the vacuum around all day or dusting all those special trinkets? With so many more enjoyable things to do with your weekends, why are you spending them cleaning?!


Ask yourself: do you really enjoy these cleaning chores?

No? Well, Judith and the team at Clean Club Calgary do. We really believe in clean, and the health that accompanies it. We clean from the heart because we know that along with clean comes wellness and happiness. It’s why we do what we do. Wiping away those stains makes us smile.

We are delighted to know that when we take care of your cleaning, you get to spend your weekends with the kids, or slip out for a road trip to the mountains, or head to the soccer field to watch the whole game. All without being distracted by worries involving scrubbing rings from the tub or getting the dust off of the topmost blinds “next weekend.”

Clean Club Calgary offers both Residential and Commercial Cleaning 


Residential Cleaning Services for Calgary and Area

Feel confident that your home is freshly cleaned and ready to live in. We want you to relax knowing your chores are taken care of. We’re happy to tailor our schedule to fit your life, cleaning when the work has the least impact on you.

I want to relax in a clean home!


Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Create a workplace free of distraction from dirty floors, stinky garbage smells, and washroom messes. More importantly, make an excellent impression on clients and colleagues by demonstrating your level of professionalism within every aspect of your environment.

I want to make an excellent impression on our clients!

At Clean Club Calgary, we believe that your space is a reflection of you. And of us. 


When we clean, scrub and dust, you get to laugh, hug, and play. Instead of doing chores, you get to live life to its fullest. Every member of our team has been hand-picked because they have demonstrated a commitment to you and alignment with our values. 

Trustworthy: We believe trust is the foundation of all two-way relationships.

Responsible: As human beings, our goal is to do the right thing, at all times, no matter the cost.

Reliable: Time is a promise to show up, on time, ready to work with a welcoming smile. 

Loyal: We focus on building relationships, and consistency of cleanings. 

Helpful: Committed to making lives easier through collaborative solutions.

Respectful:The cornerstone of relationships begins with mutual respect. 

Flexible: Your life isn’t carved in stone, neither are our service schedules. 


Our commitment to you starts with a commitment in ourselves 

We want to challenge age-old perceptions of cleaning. We are determined to improve our clients’ quality of life as well as our own. We want to attract more caring professionals into our services. To that end, we have joined the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI). We are on a mission to provide excellence in cleaning and supporting higher quality of life. 


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